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Creatures of Leisure surfboard bags

The surf board bags feature a smaller design to keep all of your forums in one place. Strategically placed multiple carry handles with inner and exterior pressure neck straps ensure your forums stay under control.  Features include 10mm high-density impact froth, UV proof inner lining, and 600D cotton fabric. A corrosion-resistant plastic zip, exterior pressure neck straps, and an inner cushioned panel divider finish the program.  Creatures of Leisure surfboard bags are created to protect your panel from the rigor of long-distance journey. 

It functions a warm reflecting, energy shield bottom, resilient 600D cotton top, and 3/8" closed cell froth padding throughout. Hold up to three surf forums without fins.  Two inner cushioned partitioning, a top quality, deterioration proof zip and cushioned neck band finish the program. The FCS Stand up Paddleboard journey bag is the perfect bag for traveling by air or lengthy car journeys. It offers even more insulation than day purses, to keep your panel in pristine condition. Made from resilient 600D on one side, and warm indicative material on the other, this SUP bag functions a cushioned neck band, deterioration proof glass-reinforced zip heads, and rear paddle holder. Because it's created by FCS, the quality of these purses is outstanding.


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